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KUSI Good Morning, San Diego / “Be Kind for One Week in School” / January 2015

WFMZ Allentown, PA / “Life Lessons: The Great Kindness Challenge” / January 2015

The Tomahawk /  “RCE’s Bully Buster Club sponsors ‘The Great Kindness Challenge’” / January 2015

Manning Live / “MECC takes The Great Kindness Challenge” / January 2015

Cleveland Banner / “Valley View takes kindness challenge” / January 2015

New Jersey Herald / “Brief Great Kindness Challenge begins fourth year” / January 2015

Carlsbad Magazine (Pages 40-41) / “Give Peace a Chance” / July 2014 

“One of Kids for Peace’s fastest growing events is The Great Kindness Challenge. … In 2013, there were 263 schools signed up throughout the nation. In an awe-inspiring growth pattern, almost 1,100 schools and more than 554,000 students participated in 2014, performing 27,724,300 acts of kindness.”

Voices of San Diego / “From Local Beginning to Global Reach” / July 2014

School Counselor’s Chronicle / “The Great Kindness Challenge” / February 2014

Elm Lawn Elementary School / “Elm Lawn Takes the Great Kindness Challenge” / January 2014

St. Mary’s Medical Center / “The Great Kindness Challenge Begins Monday” / January 2014

Roanoke News / “Roanoke Avenue School participated in The Great Kindness Challenge” / January 2014

“Kindness really does matter,” shared third grader Ellie Hill, who was on her way to give Principal Tom Payton a thank you note. Ellie said she had slipped a nice note into her brother’s backpack that morning, had given her Tae Kwon Do teacher an apple, and bought her mom and dad a glass vase that said “I Love You” on it. Much to her delight and surprise, when she gave Mr. Payton her thank you note, he gave her a gift card good for one free cookie at Panera’s. She gave him a huge smile, a hug, and a polite thank you.”

Riverhead Patch / “Schoolchildren Take The ‘Great Kindness Challenge'” / January 2014

Riverhead students are learning how to take the ‘Great Kindness Challenge’ in their daily lives. … Whether kindergarten heart grams, or a song by Roanoke Avenue Elementary School’s fourth grade, kindness goes a long way toward brightening days — and stopping bullying.”

MyWebTimes / “Centennial students take on the Great Kindness Challenge” / February 2014

“I hoped that the week would be a fun way to teach our kids about creating a culture of kindness in the school and hopefully at home, as well as in the community,” Gaff said. “I hoped by teaching some of these positive social and emotional skills to our kids in a proactive way school-wide it would benefit their behavioral and academic success.”

KNCO / “Schools Tackle The Great Kindness Challenge” / January 2014

“Both Dignity Health and Kids for Peace believe that humankindness fosters healthier, happier lives and a more peaceful society, and that even a single act of kindness can change the world for the better.” / “The Great Kindness Challenge” / January 2013

Ramona Sentinel “Students share sweet treats, school supplies during Great Kindness Challenge” / March 2014 / “The Great Kindness Challenge!” / January 2014

Del Mar Times / “‘The Great Kindness Challenge’ at Solana Highlands School” / January 2013

” “It has always been our goal at Solana Highlands to not only teach students to be great students and have academic success, but also teach them to be great people,” wrote Principal Jerry Jones in the school newsletter.”


“This week our students were inspired to spread kindness not only on campus but through taking action in their communities. It is our greatest hope that the kindness continues throughout the school year,” said Mrs. Stacey Quiñoñes, Principal.”

Redding Voice / “The Great Kindness Challenge” / January 2014 

CBS8  / “Third Annual Great Kindness Challenge” / January 2014

CBSLA / “Long Beach Elementary Students Take Part in ‘Great Kindness Challenge'” / January 2014

Fox5 San Diego / “Kids take on a Kindness Challenge” (VIDEO) / January 2013

“Kaolyn Steiner has been bullied by other kids and said she plans to talk to more students and try to make friends with kids she sees being singled out or alone. “I think it’s really great because some kids get bullied all over the place and it’s really bad,” said 10-year-old Steiner.”

TechFaster / “App Fuels 27 Million Acts of Kindness Across K-12 Students” / July 2014 

Education Closet / “The Great Kindness Challenge: Using the Arts to Create a Culture of Compassion” / January 2014

“I hope that your school has embraced the idea of challenging your students and staff to be extra kind to one another this week and really focus on ways to bring happiness to someone else by treating them as you would want to be treated. That is a great way to exercise the empathy muscles for sure. And, of course, the hope is that once the participants get a taste of making others feel good, they will continue to do good on their own long after the challenge has ended.”

Rancho Santa Fe Review / “R. Roger Rowe School adopts the Great Kindness Challenge Week” / January 2013 / The Great Kindness Challenge / February 2014

Kittery PTA / “The Great Kindness Challenge / January 2013

The Union, NV / “Dignity Health sponsors The Great Kindness Challenge” / January 2014

San Diego County of Education / “Half a Million Students Across the U.S. Unite in Kindness” / January 2014

“Shelley Carlisle, a teacher who participated in the 2013 GKC, is a witness to the transformative power of kind acts, no matter how small. She stated, “Our campus has experienced some radical change. Smiles, thoughtfulness, and a much more positive attitude can be seen around the Cottonwood Canyon Elementary campus.”

MrsMcKelvey / “The Great Kindness Challenge” / January 2013

VC Star / “Oxnard Students take ‘kindness challenge'” / January 2014

“It’s great to see kids excited about this program. If there’s one thing they take away is that kindness doesn’t end on Friday. These are lifelong skills they are learning,” student advisor, Sallie Sanchez said.

San Diego Unified School District / “Birney Elementary ‘Kindness Challenge’ Marks Fire Anniversary” / February 2013 

Poway USD / “Del Sur Takes On The Kindness Challenge” / February 2014

LA Downtown News / “Charter School Takes on ‘Kindness’ Initiative” / January 2014

APSD Leadership & Learning / “Kindness Challenge Spreads Peace” / February 2014

” … the Kindness Week differs by directing attention towards positive actions instead of focusing on negative ones, and the results are proving that it is more effective. Instead of repeatedly demonstrating negative, hurtful actions and saying ‘Don’t do this,’ we model and encourage kindness. -Charlotte DeWitt, CPS counselor.”

San Diego Bargain Mama / “Join the Great Kindness Challenge” / January 2013

Clark County School District / “Students taking part in Great Kindness Challenge” / January 2014

Union County Public Schools / “”Neither Snow nor Ice…..” Kept Piedmont Middle from The Great Kindness Challenge” / March 2014

Corner on Character / “Our Kindness Crusade” / August 2014

PRWeb / “Schools Nationwide Unite in Kindness” / August 2012

Arkansas Matters / “School ‘Ties’ Together in Support of Family” / January 2014

Ripple Kindness Project / “Getting More Involved” / August 2014

Our Town Perrysburg / ” ‘Thank You’ among acts of kindness rolled out at Toth Elementary” / February 2014

“I saw one student drop all her papers and another student came over picked up the papers and organized them; that’s what I want to see,” Ms. Christoff said. “It gives you a good feeling in a world with too many negatives. The ultimate gift is kindness.” Charlotte Keller, a fifth grader, said the checklist is a good reminder to be kind and think of others. “I wish I had a million copies of it to remember for the rest of my life,” she joked. She said sometimes she has to do silly dance moves to help cheer someone up having a bad day. “This [Great Kindness Challenge] week is nice because people help you feel good, and then you help make them feel good,” Sage said.

Ahwatukee / “Hospitals launch great kindness challenge” / February 2014

Dallas Independent School District / “Soto Elementary is an official Kindness Certified School!” / January 2014

Seacoast Online / “Kittery’s Horace Mitchell Primary School practices kindness” / February 2014

“Being kind is very special. It means making sure nobody is left out,” said second-grader Marie Lane. “Leaving people out is sad. Bringing people in is happy.” Marie said her best friend came up to her this week and gave her a “big” hug. “I loved it! I gave her a note that said, ‘You are a great friend.'” “People are trying to be kind and helpful, so you feel very good,” said third-grader Noah Gallagher. The challenge is led by guidance counselor Dana Rickerich, who said the teachers and staff get as much out of it as the kids do. On Friday morning, for instance, the front office staff and principal David Foster provided breakfast to teachers in the library. “Little things like that mean a lot,” Rickerich said.” …”We are a caring community all the time,” Rickerich said. “But this week gave us a chance to celebrate our connectedness.””

Chittick Elementary / “Chittick School Great Kindness Challenge 2013-2014” / February 2014

Cabarrus County Schools / “Winkler Students to Participate in National Challenge” / January 2014

According to Winkler School Nurse Lynne Georgevich, R.N., “Our goal in accepting The Challenge is to help students realize that kindness is a proactive and positively powerful tool against bullying.”

Dr. Cook’s Blog / “The Great Kindness Challenge” (VIDEO) / January 2014

The entire week was exceptional and I hope that everyone continues to spread kindness.”